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of talking points include, written by the cia, include reference to the protest here. second, references to al qaeda and terrorism were not taken out by the white house as republicans have asserted but taken out by the cia. third, everyone here was trying to get it right the best we could and the primary driving objective for the cia and state department, to ensure we did nothing that interfeared with the investigation of the people who did this. >> it also does show that the changes were more extensive than changing the word from consulate to diplomatic facility. >> the republican allegation that the white house, the state department, someone else changed the cia's assessment for political reason is without a shadow of a doubt false. republicans talking about this. they have seen the e-mails owe ambassador rice an apology. >> an apology for what? >> for accusing her for misleading the country. saying that she didn't -- that somehow we were -- she was involved in some sort of political white wash there. what she said, was what the intelligence community believed at the time. >> finally,
for spying for the cia. they've been convicted by tehran's revolutionary guard and were hanged at dawn. >>> and north korea, adding one more rocket launch to this weekend. a short-range missile fell into the waters off north korea's coast today. the launch has set back recent moves to ease tensions on the korean peninsula and appear to have been provoked by the u.s. aircraft carrier. >>> the white house of course under fire because treasury department officials were told of the irs investigation a year ago. but tonight, we have learned that some republican members of congress were also told back then. reena ninan joining us from the white house. reena, good evening. >> reporter: the white house officials were first made aware of the irs probe in late april. but insisted president obama wasn't informed then. instead, learning about it when the story broke in the media. white house aide dan pfeiffer says no orders were given to the irs to go after tea party groups. >> bottom line, no communication as far as you know from the white house, to the irs, about this targeting? >> no. absolutel
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2